Exploring Egypt: Their History from the Genealogical and Ethnographic Perspectives.

Egypt is a country that has constructions and buildings as old as ten thousands years ago but with modernized designs that can leave any tourist mesmerized, hence making Egypt a ‘golden mine’ for any country tourist. Egypt is the land of civilisations and history and the history seen right from the Cairo minarets to the Giza Pyramids looks like an instant time travel to thousands of years back in time. It is like a combination of one of the old characters and a new one that allows Egypt to stand out from every other place on earth.

Ancient Marvels

The sites in Egypt – Egypt cannot be said to be toured without having a visit to the sites that evoked the making of such master works of time keeping wonders. Staring at the pyramids of Giza which still retain their place among ancient wonders one may ask a question if all this beauty and charm will ever cease to be present on the Earth. Around it the Great Sphinx is sitting depicting the might and intelligence of the pharaoh. Some of the important fourth-dynasty buildings in Old Kingdom that provide information of Egyptian history include, the Old Kingdom, sphinx, Pyramid of Sneferu at Dahshur.

Another destination that one should consider visiting is Luxor which is also referred to as the World’s Greatest Open Air Museum. is the most fascinating burial site within the Valley of the Kings; decorated numerous tombs and demonstrating the ability of the Egyptians to think about afterlife full of luxury. I do not consider there were any engineering disasters in the New Kingdom and, to illustrate the level of architectural achievements for that period, I suggest looking at the Karnak temple complex in Luxor where the temple is decorated with giant columns and stunning statues.